About Us


For centuries, Trinidad has produced some of the world’s finest cocoa.  The ‘Trinitario’ bean which is also grown in other cocoa-producing countries was actually developed in Trinidad – hence the name, ‘Trinitario.’

Our cocoa originates from our family-owned cocoa plantation in the central region of Trinidad called Gran Couva which is renowned for its fine cocoa.  It is here where our fine-flavoured cocoa is grown the same way as it was for over 120 years.  The methods of growing and fermenting have not changed.  The beans are grown organically, without any fertilizers, pesticides, or irrigation systems other than the rain.  The soil, which is referred to as ‘chocolate soil,’ has the natural properties that are ideal for growing the finest cocoa.  This soil, also, does not contain any cadmium or other toxins that have been of concern within the industry.  When the cocoa is harvested, the beans are fermented in cedar boxes and sun-dried in the cocoa houses, the same ones that have been on the estate for more than 120 years.  The beans are lab-tested in Canada to ensure the highest quality.   One taste of our luxurious chocolate is the best evidence of the love and devotion we put into our beans.

Who We Are

LE COCOA was founded in 2012 by chocolate maker, Aaron Raphael.  While studying at university, he discovered his passion for making chocolate.

Aaron was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, though half of his heritage stems from Trinidad and Tobago where he has a deep connection to cocoa growing.

Making Our Chocolate From ‘Pod to Bar’

Aaron has a passion for not only the growing of the cocoa but also for the chocolate-making process.  The beans are flown from the Trinidad estate to Toronto, Canada where they are processed.   Aaron combines the old fashioned craft of chocolate-making with his own methods and techniques which result in the highest quality chocolate.  

Our chocolate does not and never will contain any soy lecithin, emulsifying agents, preservatives, vanilla bean, or dairy products.  We are committed to maintaining the highest standards.

The facility where this all takes place is both HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified, which is the highest certification in terms of health and safety for food production.


We are strongly committed to providing the finest cocoa product.  Our premium cocoa combined with our classical chocolate-making techniques produces the highest quality chocolate anywhere.

Our story and our chocolate is REAL and AUTHENTIC!